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Ways we use Notion in our business + FREE TEMPLATE!


It’s no secret we love Notion. Scroll to take a peek at a few of our Notion boards we use to keep our business organized 

1) Daily Task Management

Our days at the studio always start with coffee in hand and checking out the daily tasks we have. We organize in order of importance in notion and then get to work. Having our task list in notion is convenient because we can easily switch the task to another day + It’s very satisfying to check ✔️ the to-do list box. 

2) Client Portals

When I onboard clients I create their own personal dashboard. This dashboard is the home of everything and anything that is related to their brand like their client questionnaire, branding presentations, links to assets, and more. 

3) Plan Content

Our marketing hub as we like to call is filled with idea dumps, tips, brand messaging guidelines, and our content calendar. In this hub we develop our captions and collect inspiration or references. 

4) Organize Resources

As a creative and business owner you’re probably aware that there are many resources to choose from and I’ve found that having a page in notion is the best way to keep track of my favorite type foundries, mockups, etc 

We really recommend giving notion a try because you can create a very custom productivity system that fits your needs. 

If you have any doubts be sure to send us a DM or leave a question down below so that we can geek out about Notion together.