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4 Ways To Boost Your Business Momentum


4 things you can do during a slow period to gain momentum in your biz 👇🏼 

1. Offer a day rate: 

For me offering a day rate was life-changing. It’s so important to offer different tiers of services. Not everyone has the time or budget to work with you long-term and that’s where the day rate comes in.

2. Create a series on social media:

Create a series of content pieces that guide your audience through a specific topic.

3. Tap in with existing *or potential* relationships

Get comfortable with following up and sending cold emails. Don’t assume people don’t want to work with you or that they won’t respond.

4. Create an easy yes offering:

This might be offering a limited-time promo, a discount, limited-time bonuses, a bundle, or longer payment plans.